Indy on Seesmic

I have written about Seesmic before – it’s a video “chat” platform that has been gaining traction in the geek community. Now they seem to have a shot at getting mainstream, since they managed to pull off the following publicity stunt here in Cannes (I am in Cannes at the moment… if you also follow my FilmTiki blog you’ll know).

The Seesmic team managed to get cast and crew of Indiana Jones 4 on their platform for a little q&a. Lots of buzz in the blogoshere, and lots of comments from the community stating that people doubt that Harrison Ford or Steven Spielberg will actually be using Seesmic in the conversational manner it is intended to be used… and that this doesn’t impress the tech community, but maybe gets some “un-geeky” people to sign up and try Seesmic.

I think it is definitely useful PR buzz for Seesmic, but I also suspect that these celebrities won’t be using the service as intended by the creators. As to the appeal to the tech community: they may not be so impressed by Indiana Jones, but what about Harrison Ford’s track record as Han Solo? George Lucas, anyone? Or would it have been more effective to get the cast and makers of Star Trek on Seesmic? Maybe…

P.S.: I saw Indiana Jones 4 at it’s first screening today, and I – as a long Indiana Jones appreciator – recommend it. 2 solid hours of good entertainment (and self-references).

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