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Bad idea

I love Social Networks. I love how they help you stay in touch and talk to groups of friends and acquaintances. Businesses should definitely harness the power of Social Networks for their purposes – be it as research & development forums, word-of-mouth amplifiers or for competitor’s analyses. But they should usually stay away from building […]

Grassroots politics coverage

The Huffington Post (if you don’t know it by now, check it out: it is an online newspaper almost entirely made up of guest bloggers) sent me a nice email asking me if I wanted to join OffTheBus. OffTheBus is an initiative, where bloggers all over the US collaborate to report about the elections in […]

Facebook taking over China

…possibly. Facebook is finally trying to break into the Chinese market, almost a year after their big rival MySpace. And so it should – Facebook has around 2/3 of its users outside the US – it is quite an international Social Network. The question that I would like some answers (or speculations) to is: how […]

Twitter politics

The more I use Twitter, the more attention I am giving reports on it – naturally. I read this hilarious piece about senators in the US (mis)using Twitter for their feuds. I sincerely think that Twitter is a great communication tool, that could be highly useful for public sector communicators. If you are a public […]

It’s working!

This doesn’t surprise me – it is the backbone of my work. But the box office success of War, Inc. is taking some people in Hollywood by surprise! You remember: last week I recommended War, Inc. The team behind the film is using a viral marketing approach only, since they have 0 money they can […]

Who uses Social Media anyway?

I get that question a lot… the audience question. It is well known by now that the use of Social Media is not niche but mainstream. However, different people use different Social Media for different reasons. I am constantly researching audience data to be able to give advice on which channels to use. If you […]

Kiwi online

I only have a faint memory of NZ broadband speed after 2 weeks of European broadband (all I remember is that it was, well, like dial up in the rest of the world… That may be an exaggeration, but it is definitely slower). Today I was delighted though to read a report that for the […]

Workshop review, and some organizational blogging 101 tips

Last week I hosted a workshop about Social Media in the Public Sector. My workshops are not your normal “I am talking – you are listening” gigs (I can’t stand those, that’s why); instead I take the “dinner party” approach: we all sit around a table and have a lively discussion, sans loads of scruptous […]

Twitter – probably not for crisis communication after all (or just yet)

Though the use of Social applications is very important in emergencies and crisis, one singular tool should not be relied upon in that event. Especially not Twitter. Twitter has been struggling with outages a lot recently. I am not an avid Twitter user, but it is a very useful tool to stay in touch with […]

Is Scrabulous a word?

For those of you who are not on Facebook (yes, there are people who aren’t) or who are not into playing the popular game on Facebook with their friends: Scrabulous is a popular application, which lets you play Scrabble with your buddies on Facebook. Last week Facebook was asked to pull the application by Mattel, […]